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Yellowstone Geysers



What more can we say!  It's just 30 minutes away.


  • The world's first national park

  • The largest concentration of free roaming wildlife in all of the lower 48 states

  • Yellowstone has one of the largest grizzly bear populations in the lower 48

  • The only place in the world where wild bison have survived continuously since primitive times

  • Home to one of the largest concentrations of elk in the world

  • Yellowstone is one of the largest active volcanoes in the world

  • There are about 300 active geysers and about 10,000 thermal features

  • There are 290 waterfalls throughout Yellowstone Park that are more than 15 feet tall and flow year-round

  • Yellowstone Lake is the largest high-altitude lake in North America

  • More than 2,400 miles of streams flow through Yellowstone

There are many websites with information on Yellowstone.  Here are some of our favorites:

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