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Madison River Fishing

Madison River Fishing


The Madison River has been called the top trout fishing river in all of North America.  It consistently averages 2000 trout per mile with sizes ranging from 8 to 30 inches, and averaging 15 inches!  It is no wonder it is officially listed as a blue ribbon trout fishery.


The river starts in Yellowstone Park and then flows west, passing within a mile of the cabin at the popular 3 Dollar Bridge area of Raynolds Pass.  After that, the river flows north and eventually joins the Missouri River.


There are dozens of fishing outfitters in the region where you can book guided fishing trips of the Madison River.




A great description of the river, section by section.


Another great website with a thorough description of the river.


Several photos taken by Raynolds Pass bridge, which is just a 2 mile drive from the cabin.

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